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12 APRIL 2018


Moments from Wealth360 conference, 2018

dr. Virginijus Lepeška, Wealth360 dr. Virginijus Lepeška, Wealth360
Vilius Kavaliauskas, Wealth360 Vilius Kavaliauskas, Wealth360
Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360 Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360
Dr. Jan Taenzler, Wealth360 Dr. Jan Taenzler, Wealth360
Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Wealth360 Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Wealth360
Prof. Theo Vermaelen, Wealth360 Prof. Theo Vermaelen, Wealth360
Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360;; Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360
Dr. Jan Taenzler, Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard, Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360 Dr. Jan Taenzler, Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard, Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360
Wealth360 Wealth360
Inga Jonikienė, Wealth360 Inga Jonikienė, Wealth360
Dr. Virginijus Lepeška, Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360 Dr. Virginijus Lepeška, Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360
Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Wealth360; Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Wealth360
Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360; Jonas Tamulis, Wealth360
Justinas Klimašauskas, Wealth360 Justinas Klimašauskas, Wealth360
Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360 Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360
Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360; Justinas Klimašauskas; Agnė Daukšienė, Wealth360
Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Inga Jonikienė, Audrius Savickas, Wealth360 Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas, Inga Jonikienė, Audrius Savickas, Wealth360

How will we let the business thrive without us?

YOUR BUSINESS IS THE WORK OF A LIFETIME. It's almost impossible to distinguish where the influence of the founder ends and the business scope begins. The very idea of leaving it often seems strange. What will I do? Who will run the business? Why don‘t people appreciate what is dear to me? What do my successors want and will they be able to manage the business?

For the second year, the wealth management conference Wealth 360 will create the opportunity to share experiences on family business and asset management. The experiences of others will help business owners and successors find answers to their own questions.

The moderator of the conference

Jonas Tamulis

Jonas Tamulis, a leading partner of the international consulting organization Bridge Capital, has seen a number of successes and failures in business transfers. HIs observations and insights cannot be left unheard.

J. Tamulis



Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard

        Challenges of business succession and preparation of heirs

Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard will share knowledge about typical mistakes in business succession and ways to avoid them, furthemore he will adress the question on how to prepare young people for taking over the business, inspire new managers, and increase self-confidence.

Business Management Professor Dr. Fabian Berhard works at the EDHEC Business School in France and teaches at the Mannheim University in Germany. He is also active in the family business center. Fabian Berhard has experience in family business counseling, he wrote a book on Psychological Ownership in Family Businesses.


Dr. Jan Taenzler

William Prym's History - Practical Business Succession Experience

Dr. Jan Taenzler will share the experience of business succession of the oldest family business in Germany - William Prym GmbH & Co. KG's experience has accumulated over sixteen generations. How does a family run a business? How does the process of succession affect the family? What to do and what not to do during the succession process?

Dr. Jan Taenzler is a shareholder in the William Prym Group, works at the Wingman Group Strategic Committee, has completed business administration in Aachen, Singapore and Berkeley, gained a doctorate degree at the Mannheim University in Germany


Dr. Virginijus Lepeška

Smooth succession of your business. Is that possible?

There comes a day when a person who has created and managed a business wants to retire. How to prepare for this decision? What are the possible alternatives? When and how is the best time to make such a decision? And how to successfully implement it? How will the team respond and what should be transfered to the new manager?

Dr. Virginijus Lepeška is the founder, chairman and consultant of OVC consulting.  For more than twenty years V. Lepeška has been working with top executives in the field of consulting organizations, he is also an active member of supervisory boards and board of directors in several organizations. V. Lepeška knows how various management tools work in business and how they affect people who manage these businesses. The speaker is a doctor of psychology.


Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas

The business "father" dilemma: how to say good-bye to your immediate family member - your business?

During the presentation, we will look at the causes of emotional identification with your business and the impact on family relationships it might have. We will take a deeper look at what we can do when everything is changing and we are entering a new life stage

Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas is the president of the Human Study Center and the chief editor of the journal Psichologija Tau. He is the president of the Lithuanian Association of Applied Psychology. G. Chomentauskas Studied at the Vilnius University, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Phillips Graduate Institute. The specialist studied with psychotherapists V. Satire, C. Rogers, F. Pucelika, R. Resnickas and others. Dr. Gintaras Chomentauskas  is a certified EuroPsy Psychologist, licensed psychotherapist of the European Psychotherapy Association, psychotherapist-teacher of the Lithuanian Psychotherapist Society. He has more than 25 years experience in consulting.


Prof. Theo Vermaelen

Asset management after selling a business

Prof. Theo Vermaelen will share his thoughts on situations in which selling the business is a better option than successing it to the younger generation. Mr Vermaelen will share his thoughts on asset safeguarding decisions, investment portfolio forming and management.

Professor Theo Vaermaelen, a finance professor in the well-known business school INSEAD, comes from a family, who had a business, but he did not even consider successing his father. After choosing a scientist's path and graduating in finance in Belgium and the United States, he later lectured at the British Columbia University in Canada, Leuven University in Belgium, London Business School, UCLA and Chicago Universities in the USA. Theo Vermaelen publishes articles in solid financial world publications.

100 reasons why asset management is worth planning in Lithuania
Lithuania is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union, and also one of the best regulated markets. This not only affects the creation and consolidation of business but also - its succession. So what are the 100 reasons to plan asset management in Lithuania?

Justinas Klimašauskas

Justinas Klimašauskas is a member of the board and a director of trust services within Lewben Group. He has been with the company since the very beginning. Justinas Klimašauskas has accumulated a great deal of experience in managerial roles, providing trust services, management consulting, corporate structures, and international taxation.

Agnė Daukšienė

Agnė Daukšienė is Director Banking & Financial Services and General Counsel in Lewben Group. She has proven experience in financial intermediation, investment and traditional banking, licensing and management consulting areas. Before joining Lewben Group, Agne held leading roles in one of the largest asset management companies in Lithuania - INVL Asset Management, she also held managerial positions in the specialized investment bank Finasta and other companies providing financial and investment services.



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SUBJECT: ASSET MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE. Succession planning - smooth transfer of a family business.



The era has taught us little to talk about wealth. We worked a lot. Our energy, ideas, thoughts have become flesh, and today we can enjoy the result. We want to preserve and deliver the created well-being to the next generation, but there are many questions.

Do our children want take the same path we took?

Do they understand the value of what they are offered?

Are you ready to take responsibility?

Won‘t the wealth be a cause of family conflicts, and won‘t it simply be wasted?

How to manage business and property so that it creates value?



At Wealth 360, we have opened a new space for sharing family and business management experience.



ORGANIZERS: Lewben | Wealth and Ellex Valiunas




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